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The source code can be downloaded from: Neurofitter source code

If you would like access to the latest development source code, please contact us directly.


Binaries created from version 0.9.1 are available for different system configurations: 0.9.1 Binaries

Evolutionary Strategies and NOMAD

Neurofitter uses Evolving Objects as an implementation of Evolutionary Strategies and NOMAD for the Mesh Adaptive Search algorithm. Patched versions of EO and NOMAD that can interface with Neurofitter are available in the "External library" download section of the sourceforge webpage. More information about installing EO can be found in the Documentation section


At the moment you can download one example model that is adapted to interface with Neurofitter (not yet compatible with 0.9.3): Genesis test model tarball

If you have any questions on how to adapt your model, please contact us