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Q: How do I compile Neurofitter ?
A: Compilation instructions can be found in the INSTALL file, and in the Documentation section of this website.

Q: I get an error message ...
A: Maybe your problem will be solved after you read the Troubleshooting section of the README file

Q: I have found an extremely good optimization algorithm, can it be used with Neurofitter ?
A: Great ! Neurofitter has been developed so that it can be extended as easily as possible. The only thing you need to do is to create your own derived class of FitterInterface which implements the algorithm. For further information please contact us at or

Q: Which kind of simulator software can be used with Neurofitter
A: Neurofitter contains premade interfaces to the Neuron and Genesis neuron simulator software, called NeuronModelInterface and GenesisModelInterface. You can also use other simulation software, as long as it can be started by using a shell command and if it can read the model parameters from a file. The ExecutableModelInterface is made for this kind of simulator software.

Q: I use variable timestep methods in my model, can I use it ?
A: Neurofitter, at this points, doesn't support variable timestep method's data. If you want to use your model you will have to interpolate the output data.

Q: Can I use MPI with Neurofitter ?
A: Yes, you can ! Please refer to the doc/MPI.doc file